Vegaswap – FAQ

1. How to buy?

Install Trust Wallet>Create an account and set it up>Copy Contract Address VEGA>Go to Exchange>Trade>Paste the CA on search bar>Click Import>Click I understand

You can now buy how much you want tokens once you do the following.

Install MetaMask>Create an account and set it up>Go to settings>Click Networks>Click Add Network>And then set up your Smart Chain Network>After doing the process you will be link now to your Smart Chain Account>Add Tokens>Paste the CA>Click Add Token

After doing the process you will be able to see now your VEGA Tokens

2. What is impermanent loss?

Impermanent loss is a loss that funds are exposed to when they are in a liquidity pool. This loss typically occurs when the ratio of the tokens in the liquidity pool becomes uneven. Although, impermanent loss isn’t realized until the tokens are withdrawn from the liquidity pool. This loss is typically calculated by comparing the value of your tokens in the liquidity pool versus the value of simply holding them. Since stable coins have price stability, liquidity pools that utilize stable coins can be less exposed to impermanent loss.

3. What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a DeFi (decentralized finance) mechanism in which participants supply cryptocurrencies into liquidity pools, and are rewarded with fees and tokens based on their share of the total pool liquidity. Liquidity pools in Vegaswap consist of liquidity in pairs of coins, used by the Vegaswap DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

4. What are the Advantages, Challenges, Applications and Plans in the market of Vega?

As you can see we have a lot of problems in DeFi market:
Tools are too simple for power users to check Profit statement, Liquidity Providers to check their fee generation, UI is still not as fast as we want to.
Very high gas fees hindering adoption
No tool to help users with checking legit projects and rug pool free, pool insurance for free. We would like to build a solution which is free and available to anyone in this market.

Market expansion plans:
We have a lot to do in the upcoming months. However, we will first focus on building a fast, useful User Interface, with high yield for VEGA staking to start with. Right after that, we will tap the IDO market with our IDO launchpool and basepool. It will help to reduce a lot of hassle we all as incubators have to do in the current IDO market.
Then at the same time, we will invest heavily to implement our ongoing research on Smart pools with Dynamic Fees.
Our product will be commercially available with version1 2 months after IDO.

With our strong technology focused founders we have already the ability to implement our product roadmap quickly, as well as access to open source contributors which is a key element in blockchain. We know many Ethereum developers personally e.g. which will give good advice during development, and the future of ETH itself.

5. What makes Vegaswap better?

VegaSwap has the idea to bring the potential of uniqueness and solidness in crypto space. Many projects out there have been shown for many years but still some of them are making no progress at all and some of them aren’t able to fix the main problem in AMM like the impermanent loss.

VegaSwap brings you the following:

Dynamic Curve
Pricing changes based on volatility, volume, and transaction acceleration

Smart Pools
Enabling trading assets of all types – major tokens, Stablecoin, highly volatile assets

Accompanying multichain with a Bridge approach to bring on-chain and cross-chain trading volume

Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based Stablecoin trading

6. What is VegaSwap?

VegaSwap is a Multichain Defi Marketplace. Anyone can use Vega to swap any assets and build wealth by providing liquidity. VegaSwap also has SMART pool technology from the ground up. With our years of experience in Decentral exchange, we came up with a groundbreaking approach so that anyone can supply liquidity and optimize for the right fees dynamically, improving profitability. Solving the issues with Impermanent Loss will help Liquidity providers and traders.

7. What is the total supply of VEGAToken?

The total supply of VEGA is 1,000,000,000.

8. Do I need to set an account on VegaSwap?

No, You don’t need to set an account with Vegaswap.

9. What is the estimated fee for every transaction?

The estimated fee for the gas is 0.50$ and Vega Fee has 0.5-1% of the value amount but the fee will change according to the market and also for liquidity providers can gain more.

10. Are the team doxxed?

Yes, You can check it on our website