Vegaswap is Innovating Crypto Space​

The financial world is dominated by an old, centralized, and boring model where only the ones with the most power and connections can take advantage of the vast capital. Crypto technology was born to change it: it is an exciting, decentralized, and open world where more people can access the goods that finance can offer. Being a part of the movement, Vegaswap is on our mission to contribute to the development of the crypto world by making investing more accessible and convenient with Multichain and Smart Pools. Not only that, but we are also building a place where crypto projects can be nurtured and launched. In the next few years, Vegaswap is going to be one of the best decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the market thanks to our simple but robust features. Some more information about us can be found on the homepage.


At Vegaswap, we value:

  • Results that make a real impact over being busy
  • Fun and a little weirdness over serious and boring
  • Striving for learning over being safe and stagnant
  • Independent decision-making over being directed with what to do


Why Vegaswap?

  • Opportunity to work in the Crypto Space – where most ground-breaking things are happening right now
  • Isn’t it exciting to get your hands in and disrupt the DeFi future?
  • Opportunity to show your skills, be recognized, and shine
  • A flat company structure means your voice matters!