Vegaswap Announces Partnership with Orion Protocol

It is with great pleasure that we are proud to announce our new partnership with Orion Protocol! Orion Protocol is building the first gateway to the entire crypto market. Their Orion Terminal will aggregate every CEX, DEX, and swap pool into a singular decentralized platform, thereby providing rich trading tools in one easy-to-use platform with excellent convenience for users.

Orion Protocol has emphasized aggregating the very disaggregated issue of DeFi liquidity via their Orion Terminal trading solution. By implementing this feature, Orion will allow its users to save time, money, and assets.

Liquidity is crucial in trading, and finding suitable liquidity in DeFi can be an arduous and slow task. Orion excuses the time spent on exchange hopping by accessing the complete liquidity of the crypto market. While accessing this feature, users can be safe knowing that they don’t have to give up control of their private keys, and the access to large amounts of liquidity can be completed in a simple decentralized manner.

VegaswapAMM’s market-making platform and decentralized exchange partners seamlessly in Orion Protocol’s quest for optimum liquidity for users, so a partnership between both projects will undoubtedly be an exceptionally beneficial one for both communities.

Our partnership with Orion Protocol is among the many important and exciting announcements we have planned. There is plenty of news to be released over the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow our social media channels and keep up to date with our latest developments as they are released!

About Vegaswap

Vegaswap is a user-centered automatic market maker that leverages multichain technology, providing users with a wide range of DeFi and cross-chain applications through its platform. I supports and enables seamless token earnings through customizable liquidity pools, dynamic pricing, and an intuitive UI. Vegaswap makes the work of LP providers efficient and profitable by creating provisions for unique smart pools, providing analytics tools, and reducing impermanent loss with adaptive spread.

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