Global Defi Marketplace

Vegaswap is an AMM built with multi-chain in mind enabling a wide range of Defi and Cross-chain applications.

With SMART pools anyone can become a marketmaker and build wealth by providing liquidity. 

Robust technologies


Blockchain Integrations


Defi Integrations


Years of crypto experience

Robust technologies


Dynamic Curve

Pricing changes based on volatility, volume, and transaction acceleration


Smart Pools

Enabling trading assets of all types – major tokens, Stablecoin, highly volatile assets



Accompanying multichain with a Bridge approach to bring on-chain and cross-chain trading volume



Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based Stablecoin trading

A growing protocol ecosystem

The Vegaswap protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers, pool owners and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Structure & Token Economics

State of the art features to get the most of any project

Liquidity mining

Provide liquidity to earn Vega

Liquidity grants

Empower the ecosystem with a variety of partners


Governance mechanisms to fuel the project


Q2 2021

Vega token on Pancakeswap/UNI
Smart Pool technology
Trader incentive program
Contract audit
Launch of StablePool
Liquidity grant program
Liquidity mining

Q3 2021

Launch of BasePool
Ecosystem development
Multichain bridge
React Trading UI
MM analytics

Q4 2021

Marketplace functionality
Proof of Liquidity
Marketmaking toolbox
Collateralized pools

Q1 2022

Oracle and CEX integrations
Chrome extension to support multichain

With experiences from

notable investors


Kyle Chasse

Chief Executive Officer
Master Ventures // PAID Network

Kyle is a veteran blockchain VC, entrepreneur, influencer, and advisor

Dane Hoy

Managing Partner
Master Ventures // PAID Network

Dane is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor specializing in bootstrapped blockchain startups

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

Chief Executive Officer
GD10 Ventures

Deeban is a Web3 investor and advisor to many Tier 1 projects in NFT/DeFi, with an influential team for growth marketing

Roderick McKinley

Independent Advisor

Roderick designs quantitative models to deliver data-driven advice to blockchain, start-up, and investor clients


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